On the morning of the day of departure you and your fellow travellers will be picked up by our guide. Pick-up is available at hotels in Cities of Piran/Portoroz, Izola, Koper, Ljubljana and Bled. For hotels in other areas, pick-up can be arranged at an additional cost.

We depart towards Eastern Slovenia and start our trip in Maribor, where we'll spend two hours getting to know the old city centre. But the oldest town core - the Lent - promises unforgettable experience: it will enchant you with the oldest vine in the world, the oldest living specimen on our planet of a noble grape vine that still bears grapes! With an age of over 400 years it is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest vine in the world.

Then we will drive to the parish of St. Peter and to St. Mary’s Church, where we will visit the very recently discovered catacombs. We'll walk up to the church following the famous Way of the Cross that leads past fourteen renovated chapels. From the last chapel, right on the top of the hill, a breathtaking view opens on the surrounding area.

Afterwards, our journey will take us to a pleasant, homely ambient where you will be served traditionally prepared delicious domestic dishes.

Lastly, we will stop at the Vinag Wine Cellars. Hidden underneath the centre of Maribor we find an oenophile’s wonderland. Built in 1847, the cellar is one of the largest and oldest classic wine cellars in Europe. It stretches some 2,5 km long underground tunnels, covers 20,000m² and is full of all manner of wine history. Wooden barrels and concrete tanks are everywhere you look. The speciality in the cellar is the wine archives, where more than 250.000 bottles of the best vintages are kept.

Enjoy the rest of the late afternoon and evening as you wish after being dropped off at your hotel. Spend the night in Maribor.

After breakfast, today’s drive takes us from the urban area of Maribor to the rural northern state border. Just under a quarter of an hour's drive we’ll reach an area well known from many posters and promotional materials representing Slovenia and famous for its picturesque heart-shaped road winding among vineyards. With just a bit over 150 inhabitants, the district has a long wine-making tradition, dating back to 12th century when this settlement was dominated by monks.

Soon after reaching the area you’ll take part in the “Vinotour”, a well-marked footpath that leads through local hill vineyards. There are three variants to choose from, ranging from 5 to 24 km in length and an abundance of temptations along the route (in the form of wine cellars) to which it is all too easy to succumb.

Well, it's time for a break. You deserve it. We'll stop for a much needed lunch once we reach the tourist farm – guess which ? Yes, you are right ! The famous farm that offers a breathtaking view of a picturesque heart-shaped road winding among vineyards. It is simply beautiful. A road, when viewed from a particular vantage point, forms a perfect heart shape. An image that is becoming increasingly well known, although few people know where this heart is actually located.

At the farm, enjoy the homemade dishes, cold meats and other specialties. Join the cellar master for a wine tasting session in the 300-year-old wine cellar with arched ceilings and a waste collection of Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Rhine Riesling and Pinot Blanc. After that, simply pick up your favorite wine and enjoy the life.

A while later, having had many unforgettable experiences, you’ll be transferred to a hotel in the town of Ptuj to enjoy some “chillout time” in the thermal springs. Spend the night in Ptuj.

After breakfast, slowly start preparing yourself for today's adventure. Your tour guide will meet you at hotel lobby and when you are ready - let's start !

Ptuj, known as Petovia, is a great place to start your walking fun before exploring further afield. The OLDEST town in Slovenia, surrounded by vineyards and spreading on the river Drava, it saw its heyday in the time of ancient Rome. We will stroll around the atmospheric old town in particular visiting its famous castle which dates back to the 9th century and offers an interesting museum, gallery and views over the whole town and over the River.

But the valuables of the millennia treasury can be found beneath Slovenia's oldest town. One of the most important stories that helped shape the image, character, the past and the present fame of Ptuj is preserved in the town's wine Cellar. It is the OLDEST of its kind in Slovenia: its origins are traced back to the Middle Ages. Its vaults store the oldest existing wine to be produced in Slovenia, dating back to 1917 and worth up to five figures at auction. Just a few vintages from the four years of the Second World War are missing. A cellar visit is a memorable experience. You will experience this story and enjoy it with all of your senses.

Following the cellar visit and winetasting, traditional lunch consisting of typical regional dishes will be served in a restaurant nearby. A meal ends up with a typical desert. Famous across Slovenia, GIBANICA is a delicious multi layered cake which has made it onto an EU list of regional foods whose recipe and method of baking are protected.

Sadly but true, our trip is about to come to its end. Say goodbye to Podravje vineyards, delicious wines and friendly people. After three days of wonderful sightseeing, you will be dropped off at your hotel or at your pick up point. And if you need to extend your stay, we’ll help. Contact us. Na svidenje !